The Worry Box…

15 11 2015

Today, as we get close to the new year, I am going to talk about the Worry Box.

On my Energy Table (some would refer to as an alter) I have placed a Worry Box.  This box is used to place those things that I worry about.  I put them on a sheet of paper and place them in the box as a way of externalizing the worries.

From time to time I will look through those things I have placed in the box and to review them and to find out what has resolved.  When something has been resolved in some way, I will burn that piece of paper and put it in a container that is also on my energy table for the purpose of accepting those ashes.  At the end of the year (coming soon) I take those ashes outside and release them.

I find that when I put my worries in the box I no longer hold them in my mind in the same way.  They are released in a way.  This does not mean I do not give them appropriate attention when necessary or action needs to be taken to resolve a particular worry.  I find that often it is just a worry of some kind that my mind has made up, and no action is necessary.  Other times it is something that needs to be done but it is a longer term project that cannot be resolved any time soon, which will need action at some point or maybe over time.

Releasing the worries from my mind let’s me relax in life, and releases my life energy that I hold to worry about the issue in the first place.  At times, when it is not an issue that needs action, it gets released from my mind in a way that I forget about it.  This is the power of the Worry Box.

There will eventually be more information available about the Energy Table and all the components we use with it.  More to be revealed…

I hope everyone has a joyful holiday season and new year.





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