Deep Healing for Life Issues

Do You Want to?

  • Be free of whatever holds you back in your life?
  • Have a life filled with real purpose and meaning based on your true heart (and not what others want from you)?
  • Create your life day to day rather than run on automatic?
  • Live your life from your deepest authenticity?
  • Discover your own Spiritual Path?
  • Heal past traumas?
  • Resolve current life problems?
  • Be free of addictive behaviors?
  • Release old family patterns that interfere with a fulfilling life?
  • Create a life and relationships that are deep and meaningful?
  • Find and live your true life’s purpose?

If you feel an inward ‘yes’ to these questions; then your journey begins here.

I provide individual counseling, couples therapy, hypnotherapy, EMDR, and clearing (see link and newsletter). I work with current problems, trauma, addictions, life issues, relationship issues, body issues, and issues that are more unique including past life work and spirit attachment work.

There are a variety of therapeutic techniques I use to bring relief to current life issues, help resolve early life patterns and help clients create a new way of being in life and feeling they are now in control of themselves and their choices. There is a release in these techniques that normal “talk” therapy is not able to provide. This journey is about self discovery and self mastery. Those that wish to address a specific issue or symptom in their life can do so and those who want to embark on the larger path of personal transformation are also served by this work.


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